Alternate Processes

JOINT Reasonable Reimbursement Methodologies

Claimants may join with the Department of Finance to develop and propose a reasonable reimbursement methodology or "Joint RRM" and statewide estimate of costs for reimbursement of mandated programs. The jointly developed RRM is proposed in lieu of claimant submitting proposed parameters and guidelines for new mandates.

As of August 28, 2014 the following code sections and regulations govern this process:

Government Code
§ 17518.5. Reasonable reimbursement methodology
§ 17557.1. Reasonable reimbursement methodology procedure
§ 17557.2. Proposal of reasonable reimbursement methodology; request for early termination

Commission Regulations (Cal. Code Regs., tit. 2)
§ 1183.10. Reasonable Reimbursement Methodology.
§ 1183.11. Joint Reasonable Reimbursement Methodology and Statewide Estimate of Costs. (Developed by the Test Claimant and Department of Finance).
§ 1183.15. Jointly Proposed Request for Early Termination of Reasonable Reimbursement Methodology.
§ 1183.16. Expiration of Reasonable Reimbursement Methodology.

Legislatively Determined Mandates

Claimants and statewide associations and Department of Finance may jointly request that the Legislature (1) determine that a statute or executive order imposes a reimbursable state-mandated program or higher level of service; (2) establish a reimbursement methodology; and (3) appropriate funds for reimbursement of the mandate. This process may be used in lieu of filing a test claim with the Commission.

Below is a list of Legislatively Determined Mandates. The program name links to the subject legislation.

As of August 28, 2014 the following code sections govern this process:

Government Code
§ 17521.5 Legislatively determined mandate. (Definition)
§ 17572. Legislative intent
§ 17573. Joint request for a legislatively determined mandate; procedure; reimbursement
§ 17574. Acceptance or rejection of reimbursement for a legislatively determined mandate
§ 17574.5. Effect on the Commission on State Mandates

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